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Tom's Instructional Design Services

My Name is Tom Partridge, CPTD.

I look forward to working with you!


How can we make stuff happen? 

What are your performance objectives?

How can training improve Performance?


Tom Partridge, CPTD

Founder: The White Hat Experience 

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Fellow Traveler

I am looking for like-minded organizations that need a full-time employee, independent contractor, or contract to a full-time employee with instructional design and training skills. I am available for in-house, remote work, and I can travel. 

Tom's Instructional Design Services Resource

This PDF document outlines what I do and how I work. Use it to brainstorm possibilities with your key stakeholders and SMEs. 

ID Servies Resouces
White Hat Instructional Design (ID)

1.0: White Hat Instructional Design (ID)

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1.1: Enterprise Instructional Design Services

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Tom's White Hat Instructional Design Services

Partnering with Stakeholders and Collaborating with Subject Matter Expert (SMEs):

I am experienced in working with all organizational levels. This includes front-line training, reporting to the vice president level, and building leadership training for supervisors and managers.   

Conducting Training Needs Assessments  and Crafting Learning Programs Solutions:

I use my White Hat ID model to discover and document your training need. I customize scaled needs assessments based on each clients' realities and requirements. 

Creating Classroom-Based Learning  and Tailoring Universal Training Topics: 

Nothing replaces in-person instructor-led training (ILT) experiences. Learners respond to tailored learning providing knowledge and skills they can use or universal areas of focus. 

Building eLearning Assets  and Setting Up Learning Management Systems (LMS) Platforms:

I produce eLearning products that contribute to each client's learning programs, need, and requirements. I set up learning chunks in LMS platforms. 

Delivering Training and Train the Trainer (T3) Courses:

I deliver in person and virtual training sessions. I train facilitation skills to new and seasoned trainers. 

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Expand your possibilities. 

Tailored Instructional Design and Learning Experiences – Let's talk! How can we make stuff happen and drive performance? I work with stakeholders and subject matter experts to cultivate collaborations and partnerships designed to accomplish your goals.



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