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Welcome to WHET

I made these training elements and assets to help manifest my learning and development vision.  

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This page encompasses the White Hat Learning product offerings and world-changing efforts. My vision for White Hat Learning and started in 2016. I witnessed a trend away from content-focused training towards skills and application-based learning and development.    

Historically, it has never been easier to access information either on-demand or with little effort. Much of what we learn is in the process of changing as we experience learning. I have come to see success in learning as a mechanical process. 

White Hat Learning Domains

  • Program Development

  • People Engagement

  • Resource Development

The White Hat Mechanics of Success fosters adapting quickly to changing situations using frameworks that drive innovative thinking and experimentation. If you know how to think and implement solutions, you can insert current content in real-time and discard outdated information.

Tom Partridge, CPTD

Founder: The White Hat Experience 

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Continuous Improvement

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Tailored Training Experiences

How to Navigate a Tailored
White Hat Learning Experience

Lesson 1.0: White Hat Experience .com

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1.1: Table of Contents

Where will your journey take you today?

  • 1.1: Master Table of Contents

  • 1.2: White Hat Experience .com Tailored Training 

  • 1.3: WHE .com as a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • 1.4: WHE .com Learning Programs 

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"I crafted this website to be an example of my

instructional design and training delivery

skills and Knowledge.

The best way to experience the White Hat is to explore." 

– Tom Partridge, CPTD










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