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Module 2: White Hat Learning and Working
White Hat Lunch and Learns: Employee Engagement
Defining the Mechanics of Success: Programs | People | Resources

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Welcome to the Distance Learning and Working employee engagement training module.


The purpose of this offering is

The relevance of Distance Learning and Working is  

The baseline of WHE is continuous improvement life cycles

Enterprise Thinking (Realities, Strategies, and Tactics)

Programs Development

People Engagement

Resources Development

Tom Partridge, CPTD

Founder: The White Hat Experience 

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Lesson 1: White Hat Learning & Working Foundations

Lesson 1: White Hat Learning and Working Foundations
Lesson 1.1: Introduction

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Foundations Thinking

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1.1.1: Foundations Thinking – Global events and technology have accelerated the drive to an increased usage of distance learning. Necessity is the mother of invention. Learning management systems (LMS) and cloud-based training platforms are improving and growing. Learners are demanding and becoming more open to new ways of learning.

Lesson 1.2: White Hat Learning and Working Elements

1.2.1: Table of Contents

Where will your journey take you today?

  • 1.2.1: Table of Contents

  • 1.2.2: Backstory and Background

  • 1.2.3: WHL&W Track #1 – Leadership and Management

  • 1.2.4: WHL&W Track #2 – Employee Engagement

  • 1.2.5 to 7: WHL&W Track #3 – Training and Performance

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White Hat Engagement Bundle
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Slide 2: Background
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Lesson 2: White Hat Learning & Working Essentials

Lesson 2: White Hat Learning and Working Essentials
Lesson 2.1: Introduction

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Essentials Thinking

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2.1.1: Essentials Thinking – For both the learners and the teachers, physical classroom experiences don't always translate into virtual environments. Virtual learning is not a better or worse way to experience learning. 


Both the learner and the trainer need to become eager to adjust their mindsets to accommodate the new realities and the new normal. 

Lesson 2.2: White Hat Learning and Working Frameworks