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Level 1 White Hat Needs Assessments: Learning and Engagement
Defining the Mechanics of White Hat Success | The Art of Future Proofing

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Welcome to my free open source employee engagement training offering. 

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Welcome to the Distance Learning and Working employee engagement training module.


The purpose of this offering is

The relevance of Distance Learning and Working is  

The baseline of WHE is continuous improvement life cycles

Enterprise Thinking (Realities, Strategies, and Tactics)

Programs Development

People Engagement

Resources Development

Tom Partridge, CPTD

Founder: The White Hat Experience 

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Lesson 1: White Hat Foundations

Lesson 1: White Hat Foundations
Lesson 1.1: Introduction

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Foundations Thinking

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1.1.1: Foundations Thinking – The “white hat” signifies when a person seeks to do good. The concept started in the scripts of black and white Western movies. The hero wore a white hat and the villain a black hat.


Lesson 1.2: The White Hat Elements

1.2.1: Table of Contents

Where will your journey take you today?

  • 1.2.1: Table of Contents

  • 1.2.2: Backstory and Background

  • 1.2.3: TWH Track #1 – Leadership and Management

  • 1.2.4: TWH Track #2 – The Engaged Employee

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White Hat Engagement Bundle
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Slide 2: Background
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Lesson 2: White Hat Essentials

Lesson 2: White Hat Essentials
Lesson 2.1: Introduction

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Essentials Thinking

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2.1.1: Essentials Thinking – There are many points of view driving how people perceive and navigate the mindsets of others. Each person chooses how to understand their mindset in various situations.

Choosing to put on a white hat, a black hat, or to not wear any hat is a choice consisting of action and experience.

Lesson 2.2: The White Hat Frameworks