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Tom's Resume | CV
A Functional Skills, Knowledge, and Mindset Experience

White Hat Experience .com

The Always Unfinished Work of Art



Fellow Traveler

I offer, for your consideration, my career portfolio.

My passion is for building blended and flipped learning solutions that drive people engagement and performance.

During my fifteen plus years in learning and development I have crafted and delivered training related to onboarding, leadership development, and one-the-job universal foundation building. 

I look forward to collaborating and partnering with like minded professionals and organizations. 

Tom Partridge, CPTD (since 2016)

Founder: The White Hat Experience 

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Welcome: Resume

Tom Scott Partridge, CPTD

Contact Information and Resume Summary (Additional CV Level Summary Below)

The Basics

Born: Southern California

Lives and Works: Orange County and Los Angeles, CA

Available for local or remote work


Phone: Upon Request

Credentials and Education

Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Administration

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

Instructional Design Credentials

Certified Professional in Talent Development: CPTD

Association for Talent Development (ATD), 2016 - 2022

Formerly CPLP, Recertify every three years

E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate

UC Irvine, 2017


Total Trainer University Certificate: Creating Training
ATD Orange County, May 2017

Total Trainer University Certificate: Delivering Training 
ATD Orange County, November 2016

Total Trainer University CertificateDistance Learning

ATD Orange County, 2021/2022

Development Team Member

Project Management Certificate
UCLA Extension, 2004

WH Tool Box_01.png
Instructional Design Tool Box
Primary Took Kits

Authoring Tools

  • Articulate 360

  • Vyond Video

Adobe Suite  – tbd

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Moodle, Litmos


  • Adobe

  • Gimp

Secondary Tool Kits

Authoring Tools

  • Adobe Capovatemmmmm  – ver ... 

Adobe Suite  – tbd


  • Gimp  –


  • Audacity   – Audio

Website Building

  • – HTML Editor

Skills-Based Volunteer Experience


CPTD Study Group: Co-Moderator
ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter
2020 - Present


Total Trainer University: ELearning Development Team Member
ATD Orange County
2019 - Present


Skills-Based Volunteer: Instructional Design Advisor for Points of Light and AmeriCorps 
May 2017 - October 2017


CPLP Skills Application Exam (SAE): Question Writer - Managing Learning Programs (MLP)
Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Oct 2016 – Mar 2017 (6 mos)


Learning Career Mentoring Program (Mentor)
ATD Los Angeles, California
Mar 2017 – Sep 2017 (7 mos)


Lead Program Manager: Skills Development Academy (SDA)
ATD Orange County, California
Nov 2016 – Oct 2017, (1 yr)​

Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Presenter "Interactive Flip Charts"

ATD Orange County, California

Dec 2016

ATD CPLP Skills Application Exam: Question Writer

ATD Global, Alexandria, Virginia

Oct 2016 – Mar 2017

CPTD_Chapter_Study_Group_logo  copy.jpg
Work Experience


White Hat Experience​

2016 - Present (Open to New Opportunities)

  • Founder | CEO | Visionary

  • Instructional Designer | Trainer/Facilitator

  • Tom Partridge Consulting

    • 2019 - Present

  • White Hat Learning .com:

    • 2019 - Present​

  • Contracts:

    • 9/2019 - 6/2020: Remote contract for learning management system (Moodle LMS) hosting service. (9 mos part-time)


2017 - 2019 (2 yrs 4 mos)

  • eLearning Specialist | Instructional Designer.

VXI Global Solutions, LLC
2008 - 2016 (8 yrs 5 mos)

  • Learning and Development Program Manager

  • Lead Trainer / Developer / Acting Training Manager

  • Client Services Manager.

Tom's Bottom Lines


White Hat Papers:

  • The White Hat Experience

  • White Hat Communications

  • White Hat Learning

  • White Hat Nonprofit Initiatives

  • White Hat Instructional Design

Credentials and Education
Instructional Design Tool Box
Work Experience
Skills-Based Volunteer Experience
Tom's Bottom Lines | Publications

Tom's Portfolio

Artifacts & Evidence

CV: Dig a Little Deeper | But Wait, There's More!

Call to Action



the Box

Next Steps

Are you looking to hire for a full-time job, or do you need a contractor? 

I invite you to imagine that I am handing you my virtual business card (below). Let set up a time to talk?

The Elements Describing

Tom's White Hat Mindset

Business Cars_WH 01_Ver 01a.png

Learning Experience & Performance Architect
Internal and External Learning and Development 

White Hat

ID Model


Rapid Instructional Design (RID)
1st Investigation & Solutions | 2nd Creation & Continuous Improvement | 3rd Implementation & Life Cycle

Investigate into ideas_Green.png

1st Investigation & Solutions:
We work with key stakeholders and decision-makers to establish direction, approval, and a champion plan.
Themes – White Hat instructional design models, innovation, performance planning, project management, estimates, prototypes vs mockups, proposals, work-approval sign-offs, initial go or no go

2nd Creation & Continuous Improvement:
We develop and pilot test learning assets and delivery platforms.
Themes – Readiness Assessment Needs Assessment, Solutions Assessment, Success Definition(s), By What Measurements, Learning and Performance Objectives, Minimum Viable Products (MVP), Building and Testing, Life Cycle Continuous Improvement, Life Cycle Approvals, process considerations, project management, revised estimates, proposals, work-approval sign-offs, continue or halt

3rd Implementation & Life Cycle:
We launch first life cycles and plan for future continuous improvement.
Themes – Minimum Prime Time Product (MPTP) launches, innovation research, life cycle leadership, learning management systems (LMS) (Needs, Readiness, Solutions), project management, implementation sign-offs

Crafting White Hat Learning Experiences:

I watched an interview with my favorite musician. One question was, how do you write songs? He said there are many ways songs get written, and no one method is best. This is how I see instructional design. There are many paths to success.


I work to find unique solutions for each learning need and challenge.

  • Sometimes the words come first.

  • Sometimes a few notes come and then the music.

  • Sometimes the music and the words seem to fall out of the guitar.


Tom's Portfolio

Artifacts & Evidence

Artifacts & Evidence

Research & Development

White Hat Red Flag Warning!

Champions & SMEs 

Excellent purpose-fit learning programs can fail. A lack of champions driving success during all phases in the program's life cycle creates risky situations. Champions must hold the Subject Matter Experts (SME) accountable. 

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