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Serving Skills-Based Volunteers and the Nonprofit Sector
Learning Programs Answering the Question: What would you do if?


Skills-Based Volunteers and the Nonprofit Sector

Skills-Based Volunteering

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The best way of getting what you need is first to give others what they need. For me, hard work is more rewarding when collaboration and partnership (teamwork) are at the center.


White Hat Learning is a training product line. Each year, we will be offering services in the cause of giving back to the planet.  

Opportunity: The White Hat Training Scholarship:

White Hat Experience offers training opportunities to select nonprofits for special rates or at no charge.

Opportunity: What would you do if?:

Start a unique project with Tom to make a difference in the world. Do you have any outside-the-box ideas?

Opportunity: Collaborate with Tom:

Help Tom give training services to the Nonprofit Sector.

Opportunity: Corporate Nonprofit Initiatives:

Does your organization use nonprofit work as part of your employee engagement? Maybe White Hat Experience can partner with your efforts. 

Tom Partridge, CPTD

Founder: The White Hat Experience 

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What You Need to Know

Tom's Health Care Sector Skills-Based Volunteering

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Victoria TorresVictoria Torres serves as Director of Community Impact, overseeing the Samueli foundation’s work as it relates to the City of Anaheim; including capacity building, community relations, project management, evaluation, and reporting. Born and raised in Orange County, Victoria has been volunteering and working in the non-profit sector for over 15 years. She is passionate about making connections that are strategic and meaningful with the intent of building strong relationships and partnerships.

What You Need to Know


It Started with Skills Based Volunteering.  A few year ago someone introduced me to a nonprofit professional named Victoria. I worked with her as an instructional design skills-based volunteer. This volunteering turned into a full time job. I learned about the nonprofit sector and how companies and interface with nonprofits to make the world better. Now I am looking to give back to the world some of what has been given to me.

What and Why:

  • We provide a White Hat consultant to each organization delivering a tailored learning program driving agreed upon goals. 

  • Supporting the health care sector, we hope to positively impact one organization from each state. 

Who and How:

  • WHNI Areas of Influence – .........................

  • Companies looking to work with nonprofits 

  • Nonprofits looking for next level training

  • We support nonprofit efforts and corporate employee engagement programs

When and Where:

  • Let's Talk about virtual or in-house instructor-led training

  • What works best for you and your team? 


What would you do if
you could have a
Local and global


What would you do if
you could have a global impact?

What would you do if
you could have a Local impact?


Blue Sky Goal

Cultivate One White Hat Nonprofit Champion in Each State

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Tailored Instructional Design and Learning Experiences – Let's talk! How can we make stuff happen and drive performance? I work with stakeholders and subject matter experts to cultivate collaborations and partnerships designed to accomplish your goals.

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