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eLearning Authoring: Training Videos
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Tom and Training Video Production

Articulate 360 and Storyline are essential tool kits in my eLearning creation toolbox. I believe in the right tool for the realities of any given situation. 

Storyline has many tools for creating learning experiences. Think of this job aid below as a mind castle or map inspiring innovation possibilities. 

I keep my White Hat Instructional Design Model in mind when choosing which elements to include in my eLearning assets. 

This is a White Hat Mechanics of Success tool. I hope this helps make your days a little easier. 

White Hat Instructional Design Model

(ID Project Management | A model of Models)


Continuous Improvement

Life Cycles


Content Library How To – 123​​


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Expand your possibilities. 

Tailored Instructional Design and Learning Experiences – Let's talk! How can we make stuff happen and drive performance? I work with stakeholders and subject matter experts to cultivate collaborations and partnerships designed to accomplish your goals.

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| Articulate | Animations () | Content Library 360 | Design | Interactive Objects  |

| Media (Web Object) | Shapes: (Custom Shapes) | (Size and Position) |

| Player: (Modern or Classic) |

| LAYOUT (Player) (Features) DATA: (Menu) (Resources) (Glossary) | 

| APPEARANCE (Player Style) (Hiding) (Changing Colors) |

| CUSTOM (Text Labels) (Settings Size) (Resume Behavior) (Language) (Accessible) (Saving Switch) (Mobile) |

| Publish: (Review) (Web) (Video) (LMS/LRS) (Local Media) (MS Word) (Manually Upload) (AWS S3) (Mobile) (Responsive) |

| Quizzing: (Graded) (Survey) (Freeform) (Question Banks [A]) (Results) | Screencast: (Record Screen) (Replay) (Peek) (Pass Each Quiz Combined Result Slide) |


| Slides & Layers: (Layers) (Slide Masters) | Slide Size | Background: (Format Background) (ABC)

| States: (States) (Adding Editing) (Built-In) | Transitions | Triggers: (Triggers) |

| Variables: (Variables) (Built-In) (Variable References) (Data-Entry Fields) (Dynamic Variable Placeholders) | 

White Hat Lunch and Learn Training Program

Module 1: The White Hat

Module 2: White Hat Learning and Working

Universal Foundations: Learning Set #2

Universal Foundations: Learning Set #1

Universal Foundations: Learning Set #3



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